Robert Leveroos is a multidisciplinary artist and insatiable tinkerer. His work incorporates live art, animation, and handmade objects. He aims to strike imaginations and skew perceptions by exploring worlds where weight is given to the minute, the understated and overlooked to uncover something recognizably human. 

Robert creates original performance pieces that have been presented in festivals and venues locally and otherwise and collaborates as a performer and scenographer with a number of Vancouver companies. His book works include A Lion in the Bedroom, and Adrift/À la derive, which was produced with support from Minnesota Centre for Book Arts. For ten years he trained with The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and graduated from The National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal (acting 2008). Robert served three seasons as Youth Program Manager at The Cultch in East Vancouver, and continues to work with young artists. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies at Simon Fraser University. Robert was honoured to receive SFU’s CD Nelson Graduate Fellowship as well as awards from the British Columbia Arts Council and The Canada Council for the Arts.

Contact him at rleveroos at comcast dot net