40 minutes, 3 modular pieces. Shown at Woodwards Centre for the Arts 2015, PushOFF 2015 & 2016, and Surrey Art Gallery 2016.

Through detailed two and three-dimensional paper models and simple live animation,  Fragile calls forth an intimate space that reimagines our relationship to scale. Exploring notions of inclusion and exclusion, subject and object, Fragile invites us to look carefully at the intricate mechanisms of the everyday.

Fragile draws attention to the ways in which we deliberately fabricate stories in order to tell them, and the apparent tensions in the space behind the scenes. Characters from three generations face pivotal moments in their lives growing up, growing older, and saying goodbye. In this delicate world, the melancholy of waiting confronts us as we say farewell to earthly possessions in these final hours. The work is precise assembled and disassembled before your very eyes.

sound design by Vilhelm Sundin

photos by Lisa Wu

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