On Woven

Article from residency with Lukas Engelhardt at Kunstlerhauser Worpswede

Words on Safe/Guard & Feast

“It is the intensity of dynamic movement, the unpredictability of pace, and the quickly-relatable personalities that emerge from deeply grooved story lines that are told, surprisingly, without a single spoken word.”

“Safe/Guard and Feast are full of energy, surprise, and humour... a joy to experience.”
-Hailey McCloskey,  VANDOCUMENT

“Whatever your background is there is something for everyone. Just let yourself be swept up in the fascinating and surprising moments of physical & visual poetry.”
-Sabrina Evertt, An Unidentified Production

Praise for postscript

"Postscript by The Noisy Neighbours offers a piece of silent mail-based physical theatre that is as clever as it is charming; reminiscent of the great French film Amelie, “Postscript” is worth the ride." -John Threlfall, CVV Magazine, Full review of Theatre SKAM's BIKE RIDE