A micro-performance of epic proportions

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New characters, new locations. Fears and survival strategies.

by Alastair Knowles

by Karl

"I can run, jump or fly to escape danger. Even if speed, space, or distance is still a struggle to gain, I do not let fears catch up with me…"


"I believe in magic. I believe in music. I believe in Love. Everything else is bullshit. If I could give to the world anything, it’d be those three things. Wait a minute…I CAN…so I will!"

by Ash Tanasiychuk

by Nadia

"My path has been framed by decisions I’ve made. Some good. Some terrible. I have thrived. I have maimed. The journey is not right or wrong it is just a path. I hope to always be happy. I hope to always find joy. And if I have not the courage to change my path, then my journey is lost at my own doing." -Daniel

by Suzanne


by Daniel

by Oren B.

"I am on the right path when I smile and get smiles back." -Allison

by Eddie

by Jillian

"I’m most afraid of dying without fulfilling my potential. Dying without changing my life completely. Knowing I could have done more, but didn’t. I’m afraid of regret."

by Ashley

by Ashley

"As a teenager I was experiencing any number of growing pains and I didn’t know how to identify any of them. I started questioning whether I had “anger issues” and what that even means. My mom would say “punch a pillow.” But I wanted to break glass. Seeing as I couldn’t I would take off running around my city block until I could feel my heart beating hard enough..."  -Jessie

by LaChrisha

"I am afraid that my parents will transition to another realm before I am able to save them from built up debt and unhealthy finances, before I am able to make life EASY."

by Hanna

by Amanda