Woven is a growing collection of choose-your-own adventures. An evolving cast of characters are thrown together in a shifting arena to find their way through a series of quests. Mining phobias recollected from childhood and inspired by the perils of growing up and growing old, Woven asks us to choose the survival essentials to carry in our knapsack. This archive builds the more it is performed yet conveniently packs up to fit in a lunchbox! Are you ready for the quest?

30 minute performance for audiences of 3-5.

Created with Lukas Engelhardt

Video by Lisa Wu


28. & 29.6.2014 Kunstlerhauser, Worpswede, Germany

14. 16. & 17.5.2014 rEvolver Theatre Festival, The Cultch, Vancouver, BC

29.3.2014 The Southold. MishMash Productions, NYC, NY


Check out all of the drawings and stories that participants added to the collection here